Assessment is the first step for PDCA and helps in one’s self-improvement.

QMALL, designed in Japan and developed in India, An Initiative to support Continuous Improvement and SKILL INDIA.

Study Smart

QMALL supports repeated learning management system.

The results of repeated learning are automatically accumulated, trends and weak points can be analyzed.

Our features

Adaptable Application

It’s a web application that can be used from anywhere using internet.

Supports various question formats

Audio and Video

Flexible Functions

Create questions online & offline. Assign target users and schedule due dates.

Response method supports 3 options

Single Selection, Multi Selection and Direct Input

Download Certificate

Design your own Pass Certificate

Management function
  • Exam status, score distribution
  • Overall trend analysis (understanding of week points)
  • Score ranking
Randomize questions and shuffle the options

Pick a question at random from the question pool and Shuffle the choices

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